Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

Who hasn't heard Beethoven's music?
Ludwig van Beethoven Even if you can't name any of Ludwig van Beethoven's work most surely you have heard his music.
Though he is dead for over a century, his classical tunes are still considered to be some of the greatest and Ludwig van Beethoven's music clearly transcends its time.
Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany and moved to Vienna, Austria later on where he lived for the rest of his life.
Ludwig van Beethoven worked hard to earn a name as a pianist, but through rough work and his already given talent, as his family was one with tradition in music, he managed to become the best of his time.
When Ludwig van Beethoven was 28 years old, he noticed his hearing was going. He was very upset by this - so much so that he thought of ending his life.
Being hearing impaired didn't stop Ludwig van Beethoven from writing music even though life wasn't easy for him. He modified the century in which he lived.
In the peak of his fame, Ludwig van Beethoven was recognized by kings and emperors as the greatest among greatest. Unlike some other composers of that time, Ludwig van Beethoven enjoyed recognition prior to his death.
Ludwig Van Beethoven dedicated his music to his audience.
After him was the same.